Monday, August 2, 2010

Twas' the Night Before Disney

Twas the night before Disney, when all through the house,

The suitcases weren't completely packed and it was a madhouse;
The bathing suits were hung under the fan with care,
In hopes that they would dry before we get there;
Anthony finally passed out all snug in mommy's bed,
While visions of Mickey Mouse, Pluto, and Goofy dancing in his head;
And mamma in need of a strong drink (Lol), and dad about to turn FORTY, (that's right, I said "40") Lol
It's finally 11:30p.m...
Laptop, camera, and cell phones are charged,
DVDs and earphones are in place,
Last minute odds and ends have been thrown in, just in case.

Now it's time for mommy and daddy to get some sleep,
So we can keep up with an excited two year old who wouldn't go to sleep.
He cried himself to sleep as we explained the circumstance,
That Mickey Mouse wants to give the moon a chance,
To shine upon him his face,
As he dreams about Disney,
And all that he will experience.

In just about five hours, our journey will begin,
And it will be up to mommy to tell of where we have been.
Until tomorrow, I saw "Good Night"...Good night sleepy heads, Good night!


  1. HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY EDDIE!!!! Hope you flight was good...I know Anthony is soooo excited for this.....

  2. Hope you have a fantastic vacation!!

  3. Hey guys since you are on a cruise...look for the Aurora borealis should be reaching us tonight or tomorrow morning. Look for green or red-orange shimmering glows. We can see them this time(mid atlantic and south) because it will be very strong. Always learning!