Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our First Night Out At Sea on the Disney Wonder

Ahoy Friends! This is upon our arrival at the Disney Cruise Line. Captain Mickey Mouse was aboard the terminal as we walked into security. Anthony was besides himself. I don't think he believed us that he would be seeing the different characters throughout his vacation upon the Disney Wonder. Needless to say it was an amazing start to our voyage. Like I said in my earlier post, upon entering the cruise, they announce our family name throughout the boat. It was like the "red carpet". We were all in amazement. We just kept saying over and over again...."Wow"!As we were greeted, we were escorted to the elevators that took us to Deck 9. There we saw the "Mickey Pool", "Goofy Pool", and several eating establishments. Exhausted from lugging a huge stroller, a car seat, and tons of stuff we plopped ourselves at table near the Mickey Pool and grabbed lunch from the Beach Blanket Buffet. Anthony's eyes were huge as we entered the buffet line and saw an ice sculpture of a huge swan. He just couldn't wait to touch it. As it melted from the extreme heat, Ant was excited to catch some of the dropplets that were falling off the swan's wing. So let's talk service...we enter the Beach Blanket Buffet and the servers hand you a tray, silverware, and a fancy plate to fill with food. For Anthony, he got a really cool Mickey Plate that had compartments for all his food. So we continued on down the line to find a mound of jumbo shrimp, chicken, carved prime rib, salad bar, vegetables, macaroni and cheese, and tons of other goodies. At 1:30p.m. we headed to our stateroom. It was beautiful and quite cozy. Since it was a long morning, we decided to chill out in the room for awhile to cool ourselves off and relax. At 4:30p.m. we went to Deck 9 to attend the "Adventure Castaway Party". We were introduced to our cruise director as well as the activity director and his staff. The party continued as each Disney character entered the stage to dance and sing along with their guest. Anthony had a ball. He was dancing, singing, and clapping most of the time. Then it was time to shower and get ready for dinner at the fine dining restaurant named "Triton".
On our way to dinner, we stopped to get pictures with some of the characters. Mickey and Minnie were in the Lobby. Anthony and I were both able to get our pictures taken. Then we headed into dinner. We sit at Table 38 at each dining area.
At dinner, we met a very nice family from Toronto, Canada. They have three boys ranging from age 5 to 11. Extremely nice family...we have done nothing but laugh the entire time. The boys all get along; in fact, the older boys, ages 9 and 11, have been helping us out with Anthony. Anthony loves them very much. He has been handing out hugs left and right. Our first night of dining went very well. The food was fabulous. The service was impeccable. We have Javier, from Madrid, Spain and Joamg, from Portugal. They started a tradition with the table: Magic Tricks. It is quite entertaining.
Our night continues...Anthony and I went to the "Golden Mickey" broadway show in Walt Disney Theatre. It was truely amazing. Anthony did not move from his seat the entire show. He was is awwwww:) After the show, we headed up to our stateroom for bed. By this time, it was close to 10:00p.m. We were all very tired. So nighty night we all went.


  1. OMG just love the pictures...Can't wait to see them all..good for Scraping to...Irene thought you might have some problems with the internet....So glad you could update....Have fun in the Bahamas..Dads over doing the dogs right now 9:29pm, Thursday night.....Love you & miss my little man...Can't wait for him to tell us all about it...Sunday for sure..Can't wait till the 11th...

  2. Yes for our followers...we are having trouble with internet connection since we are in the middle of the ocean. I have connection right now but I have been kicked off twice thus far. I am trying to upload more photos. I'll have soooo much more show.
    Love ya