Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our First Day On Our Voyage

We have made it through our first day and night on the Disney Cruise Line. The flight out of Atlantic City was easy. We woke up Anthony around 4:30a.m. to get him into the truck and headed out. He was very anxious to leave the house to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The entire wait at the airport, Anthony was pacing back and forth. You could see it on his face that he was very excited. He told anyone, who would listen, that he was going to see Mickey Mouse. Sooooo the plane lifted off at 6:38a.m. and landed at exactly 8:30a.m. in Orlando. We had three hours to spend at the airport so we headed over to Starbucks and we got our fuel needed to entertain a two year old for that long period of time. We traveled through the Disney Stores in the airport. Anthony picked up another Disney train set. Well our hope was it would keep him busy for at least 30-45 minutes. As Ed and I sat down in Terminal A to people watch (as I sipped on my Caffe Mocha and Ed sipped on his Caramel Frapp) we sat and laughed at all the silly people traveling in and out of Orlando Airport. Well it was around 10:00a.m. and Anthony was bored so I (mom) took him for a walk to Borders. I found a really nice daily planner and Anthony picked up two Toy Story 3 books. As I was attempting to pay, these lovely places purposely put candy and all the other stuff you don't want a two year old to have at 10:00a.m. in the morning right at his eye level...Yes, I'm talking about about Mike and Ike Candies. So I argued with him for about 2 minutes as I struggled to pay for a $20.00 purchase. Kicking and screaming, we leave Borders and head back to daddy. So now it's about 10:30a.m. and we have about an hour left. Well another walk we go...Harley Davidson, Ron Jon Surf Shop, Crocs shop, and back to Borders for Anthony's candy (that he conned his father into buying). The gentleman at Borders remembered do I know...Ed walks out and says "Oh, he wanted the pink box this time...the guy in there told me he wanted the blue box." YEAH! Anthony was one not to forget at Borders in Orlando Airport. Ok so it's 11:00a.m. and we decide to head to Terminal B to check-in on our Disney Cruise Line. On we go...we take the elevator down to Level 1 and head over to the Disney Magical Express Line. Once checked-in, we ALL head over to the Disney Cruise Line to take a picture for our "stateroom" keys. Our stateroom keys printed out and we were finally on our way. We get escorted to the "Donald Duck" bus. Anthony's excited because he thinks he will see Donald Duck. Noooooo Donald Duck was nowhere to be seen. We find three seats near the back of the bus. At 11:30a.m. we are pulling away from the bus terminal. About 10 minutes into our travels, an entertaining movie that describes our voyage ahead began. Anthony's eyes were glued...We are about 20 minutes into our bus ride and I look over and Anthony was "out" cold. We arrive at the Disney Cruise Line terminal at 12:20p.m. All the kids on the bus were screaming...yes Anthony continued to sleep. It's now 12:30p.m. and Anthony perks up and out of his mouth goes "O-o-o-o-o-o Mickey Mouse is here. Look at that B-I-G Boat mom." Yes smile on face I take pictures. We head into the terminal where we have to go through security. All is well we head upstairs. As we get out of the elevator there stands Mickey Mouse. Anthony couldn't stand still. He took off running. There he stands next to Mickey Mouse to get his picture taken. Anthony said "Only me get a picture, you stay:)" Lol...well he received his picture with Mickey Mouse alone then mom and dad joined him. Once that experience was complete, we walked our way onto the cruise. As we enter, they announce your name across the was like "walking on the red carpet." As I snap tons of pictures, Anthony is in amazement. Ed looks back with a big smile on his face. It was worth seeing:)
So it's around 12:50p.m. and we are on our voyage to Key West, Bahamas, and Castaway Cay. We headed up Deck 9 to the Beach Ball Buffet where there was tons of food; i.e. shrimp cocktail, prime rib, chicken, salads, and so much more. We sat right by the "Mickey Pool" which is shaped like Mickey Mouse. This pool is made specifically for younger children; however since it was the ONLY pool open, everyone was sitting in it. Ed enjoyed his first beer of the trip and I enjoyed a Coca Cola with Anthony. At 1:30p.m. our stateroom was available so we headed down to Deck 7 to our stateroom. We unloaded the stroller and Anthony's carseat. The room was spacious. We have a one-bedroom Veranda stateroom. Anthony and I headed out on our Veranda and took pictures of the shoreline. Sooooo this is just the beginning. I will post what happened next when we return...until then:)

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  1. Awww I can't wait till next year to see his face...Yes, it will be so worth it to watch him & Kayla, even though by then she will be in 9th grade...Miss him so much have fun...